Ranking Wizard Training And White Label Services

Some Of The Services We Offer

With over 30 years experience in IT and Web Design I am proficient in a number of coding languages including, PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Wordpress and many more. 

I have also been using the Magic Page Plugin and Lead Simplify since they were first launched and have built a very successful Lead Generation business with them, plus I am involved with the testing and development of them and other products. If you are in the Facebook group then you will know me.


MPP Quick Start Course

This is an over the shoulder course that takes your from start to finish of building successful Magic Page Plugin sites.  


MPP Evergreen Site Builds

if you are not quite sure where to start with your first Magic Page Plugin (MPP) site then let us build it for you. 

You will get a site with well optimised content that is hand spun, schema ready, spun images etc. Simply add you location and your site is built. Then rinse and repeat for a different location.

Note: MPP is a great plugin but YOU will still have to put some effort in to rank your site. The amount of SEO required will depend on the competitiveness of your niche


MPP Theme Templates

These are Elementor and Generate Press templates that you can use on your MPP sites. You just add the Images, text and videos.  


FB Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger Bots are a great way to interact with potential clients  on your site, Facebook page or through Facebook Ads. 

You will get a Facebook Messenger bot that can gather the potential clients information for you in an interactive way, or prompt the client to call you. 

If required the Facebook Messenger bot can be setup to link into Lead Simplify if you are generating leads.

White Label SEO Services

If you are wanting to offer SEO services for your own brand but are new to SEO or unsure of your abilities or prefer a more hands off approach then that is where we can come in. As far as your clients are concerned they will be working with you and your company. We simply deliver the SEO services behind the scenes. All the reports that we generate will have your logo, branding and contact information on.